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To beard or not to beard: is facial hair really a turnoff?


Images of beards have been all over the internet in recent days, with a craze for bearded men taking selfies with their heads tilted backwardsspreading across social media. However, their popularity could be in peril: according to a survey, 43% of women would not sleep with a man with a beard. Elsewhere, the author Jilly Cooper lamented last week that men “cry all the time now … the whole time, always crying. And they have beards.” With this in mind, we asked the public whether they think the hipster’s preferred form of facial hair is falling out of favour.

Balazs, 27, bartender, London

“From 18 years old, I think you should start growing a beard, shaving and using products and oils. I think men should have characterful beards; it’s essential. I feel that having one has improved my dating life.”

Oriel, 25, office worker, London

“I don’t think men with beards are less attractive – I would say lately it’s maybe the reverse. In France, where I’m from, the popularity is growing, too. I think it depends on the cleanliness – is it clean or not, does it look like hay?”

Sayem, 41, chef, London

“It’s natural that a man is bearded. I shaved it off before, but I’ve had it like this for five years. It’s better for your skin, too.”

John, 67, semi-retired lifting contractor, Kent

“I don’t grow my beard to look attractive – it’s out of convenience more than anything. I think they do suit some people though – look at Rag’n’Bone Man.”

Hussain, 29, physical therapist, London

“Beards give a different look to a person – and having one makes me look older. I just have less time to shave and the barbershop is quite expensive, but for other people it’s a trend, like tattoos or clothes.”

Bruce, 63, artist, Doncaster

“I used to be in the army – we weren’t allowed to have beards, as our gas masks wouldn’t fit. Life goes in cycles – if you go back to the 1970s or Henry VIII’s time, everyone had beards. Now it’s popular again – my youngest son looks like a Viking; I call him Erik the Red.”

Moon, 20, shop assistant, London

“I find men with beards more attractive, maybe because it makes them appear more masculine. Before it was not important, but now half of the men I know have beards. It wouldn’t be a dealbreaker, though.”

Julie, 47, nurse, Newcastle

“I find men with beards and men without beards equally attractive, as long as it’s well looked after and not full of food. I think it depends on the man, really. I don’t think it’s about the beard.”

Gary, 47, project manager, Newcastle

“I’m growing mine out; I used to have it quite short. I think it’s a way for men to vary their look, similar to when people who grow their hair then have a number-one cut.”


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