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How much Prince Harry is really worth


Born Henry Charles Albert David in 1984, the Duke of Sussex has come a long way since his party boy days. Remember the time he drank champagne out of a prosthetic leg? Or the time his nude pics in Vegas leaked? Or the time he went to rehab for a single day? There was the time he hurt his ankle by jumping off a balcony hours before Prince Williams’ wedding. Oh, and let’s not forget that fight with paparazzi outside a London nightclub.

He’s settled down with Meghan Markle now and has to be an upstanding member of the royal family, and part of that responsibility is knowing how to manage money. Spoiler: He’ll be fine. From his multiple inheritances and his military salary, to his yearly allowance provided by dear old dad and his wife’s substantial wealth, let’s add it all up to see how much Prince Harry is really worth.

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