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Gautham Vasudev Menon’s name is missing from Naragasooran’s new poster


A new poster from Karthick Naren’s upcoming directorial Naragasooran is out. And making his presence felt by his absence is Gautham Vasudev Menon, whose name is missing from the film’s poster.

The film was supposed to bankrolled by director-producer Gautham Vasudev Menon whose Ondraga Entertainment was one of the major names backing the project. However, things became messy after Karthik and Gautham engaged in a public spat. It began when Karthik tweeted, “Sometimes a misplaced trust may kill you. People should think twice before taking it for a ride. The last thing you want to see is your passion getting butchered from all the directions for a mistake you did not commit. Threshold!.”

In response, Gautham tweeted a link of a short film and wrote, “While some young filmmakers whine about their passion getting butchered instead of growing a pair, here’s a young team that makes an interesting short about girls, women, cricket, CSK and liberation. What a connect. So very nicely done!.”

Karthick further responded saying, “While everybody advised against it I had the pair to trust you & collaborate sir. In return we were treated like trash & made to invest on our own. I think its better to whine & confront instead of running away. Please don’t do this to any other young filmmaker sir. It hurts!.”

The argument intensified with Karthick alleging that Gautham didn’t pump in enough money or support for the project while Gautham clarified that he has done his part and the delay in the film’s release was circumstantial. Gautham also put out a statement explaining his stance and also apologising to Karthick for his tweet.

But looks like Gautham has officially handed over the project to Badri Kasturi who was earlier mentioned by the Naragasooran director as the person who helped him complete the production.

Nagarasooran has been certified U/A by the censors, with a run time of one hour 50 minutes. The film is expected to hit screens soon.


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