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Before Skyscraper, take a look at top 5 Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson movies


Dwayne Johnson is said to be a genre in himself. His name in a movie poster is enough to sell millions of tickets. The reasons are (1) he is a one of the biggest – if not the biggest – star in the world and (2) His movies have a wide audience – children and adults alike can enjoy them. Nobody watches a film starring The Rock to challenge their brain. This is meant as a compliment as cinema is not necessarily an elevated art. It doesn’t have to be.

Sometimes cinema is all about suspending disbelief and escaping into a different world. And when it comes to escapism, few action heroes rival Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s movies. We have seen him performing impossible (for a human) feats, battling CGI monsters, scaling mountains and skyscrapers. And you know what? We love it. The box office numbers are proof.

Here are top five Dwayne Johnson movies you should watch before his upcoming film Skyscraper.

Moana: Were you expecting something else? Moana is The Rock’s best movie. We do not really get to see the star in the film, but he is there in the deep voice that gives the demigod Maui much-needed character. We also got to know of his considerable singing talent in the fantastic number “You’re Welcome”.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: I was not expecting this movie to be as good as it was. It seemed like a formulaic all-star fantasy adventure but it incorporated the video-game elements into the story ridiculously well. The acting and effects were good, the plotting was taut and the film was perfect popcorn entertainment.

The Rundown: One of Dwayne Johnson’s earlier films, The Rundown is a solid action-comedy. The accompanying cast is great and the film is entertaining throughout. This was before The Rock became the guaranteed hitmaker, though, and despite positive reviews, The Rundown was a box office failure.

Central Intelligence: This buddy-cop film does absolutely nothing new and the script is shallow, but the leads Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart instill humour and charm and make this film watchable and in parts actually fairly enjoyable.

The Scorpion King: Dwayne Johnson’s debut film The Scorpion King is not held in high regard. Nobody looks at it fondly and it is not a cult film. But it is the perfect time-killer and does have a few thrilling moments.


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